West Cliff Baptist Church

Be Gallant produced a new identity for this church in Bournemouth, as well as a boutique website design.

Derek: Our website had fallen into disuse and we needed a new one as the church started a new chapter with the calling of a new minister. Joe was known to someone in the church, so it seemed a sensible first step to see what he could provide.

It quickly became apparent that Joe knew what he was doing and had the skill to achieve it. He took us through the design stages, starting with the logo and then on to how the site would look and feel.

At all stages, he was open to suggestions and quite clear where he thought ideas wouldn’t work, patiently giving the reasons why not – his responses to e-mails in these situations were full and complete – and very quickly produced!

As the main interface between the church and Joe, I found him easy to work with and I enjoyed the experience. He would always help with things that were strictly outside his remit if he had the knowledge.

He worked very quickly and produced first class results in the website, logo production and branding.

Emmanuel Church Logo Design UK - Be Gallant
Emmanuel Church Logo Design UK - Be Gallant

Disclaimer: Be Gallant is not responsible for any design changes following client handover.

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